Practice Survival Assessment 

What is the Likelihood that Your Practice Survives
In Today's Rapidly Changing Digital Economy? 

Are You Ready for The Digital Disruption... 
...That's About to Hit the Healthcare Industry? 
It's Coming...If You're Ready or Not.

Powerful technology that were once only available to huge organizations and governments are becoming accessible and affordable to everyone thanks to digitization.

Digital technologies developing at exponential rates are changing the landscape of 21st-century business, the healthcare practice included. 

Technology is disrupting traditional industrial processes, and they’re never going back.

This disruption is filled with opportunity for forward-thinking chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists and naturopaths.

The secret to positively impacting the lives of millions of people is understanding and internalizing the growth cycle of digital technologies.

The health information available to your patients in today's rapidly changing digital world will “set up a tectonic (or “tech-tonic”) power shift, putting the patient at center stage

What have been dubbed the six most powerful words of the English language "The doctor will see you now” will no longer be true,” predicts Dr. Topol in his book 'The Patient Will See You Now'.

Sure, patients will still be seeing healthcare providers, but the relationship will be radically altered.

And that's a good thing! 

If you're ready for it...

Hi, I'm Madeleine Silva, Author, Speaker & Coach.

I teach Chiropractors, Dentists, Physical Therapists & Naturopaths how to Thrive in today's rapidly changing digital economy. 

It's not business as usual. 

Welcome to the Empowered Patient Revolution!

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Success Stories …

Drs. Sharon & Allen Dubner

We are so happy that we are working with Madeleine Silva and Freedom Switch. She has way exceeded our expectations! Madeleine has the ability to see the big possibilities for what we want to do and at the same time incorporate all the details we need to do to achieve our goals. From the VIP questionare to the VIP Day and onward, we have already found solutions that are greatly improving our overhead while making our day to day functions of our business more streamlined and easy. We wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Dr. Kimberly Rousseau
Chiropractor and Author

Madeleine walks her talk. She applies her coaching principles to her own business, tests and verifies them within that dynamic framework. I trust her implicitly to act and speak with integrity and love. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I could not recommend her more highly if you paid me.

Mellissa Seaman
Intuitive Business Mentor,

Madeleine's genius is for transforming a complex business into a simple profitable one. Her support healed my co-dependency with my business, allowing me more freedom!”

Dr. Sylvia Skefich

Madeleine has helped me to decreased my workload and allowed me to focus on what I do best: chiropractic. I have found Madeleine to be extremely pleasant to work with and sensitive to the unique needs and preferences of my particular business style. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their business to run more smoothly and more profitably.

Dr. Mindy Pelz
Chiropractor & Health Coach,

No one knows systems like Madeleine! She has a unique gift for helping businesses grow their profits by simplifying their procedures.I have had the pleasure of working with her on several of my businesses. I am always blown away at how she has the ability to look at a complex, overwhelming situation and turn it into a simplified, easy opportunity to grow.Many entrepreneurs are slaves to their business, but Madeleine has mastered how you can break free from that.In Madeleine’s world, business growth is not complicated. It is freedom. Both my mental and financial health has benefited from her fresh perspective!Thank you Madeleine! You are truly a pioneer when it comes to business freedom!