The Empowered Health Revolution is being written about in the Wall Street Journal, presented at TED talks, talked about at the American Medical Association, published by Annals of Family Medicine and yet very little, if anything at all, is being done to usher healthcare into the demands of today’s rapidly changing, patient-driven, digital economy.

So little is being done about creating true change within our broken healthcare system that just this week three giants, Bezos, Buffet, and Dimon, decided to hack healthcare for their 1 million employees. Within 2 hours, 10 large health insurance and pharmacy stocks dropped by a combined $30 Billion.

Healthcare is being shaken-up not from within, but from without by innovative entrepreneurs and digitalization. Sure. But the real powerhouse bulldozing healthcare are patients.

A quick online search will bring you hundreds of articles outlining what patients want from their doctor listing things like making eye contact, explaining things in simple terms, asking questions, taking your time and other overly simplistic explanations of why patients are dissatisfied with their doctor interactions.

But don’t be fooled. Because to deliver the healthcare that patients truly want requires much more than common decency. It requires a paradigm shift.

Patients no longer want to…

  • Be sold too, they want to be empowered with knowledge, for free.
  • Told what to do, they want to be empowered with options.
  • Get cookie-cut recommendations, they want to be empowered with individualized care.

In the era of the Empowered Health Revolution, doctors, healers & practitioners need to shift from Sales Based Marketing to Mission Based Marketing to stay relevant to your patients.

If there is ONE thing I want health professionals to get it’s that patients are desperate (quite literally) for doctors, healers, and practitioners to step up and lead the Empowered Health Revolution.

Patients reach out to me all the time with messages like this one:

“The last two years I have been involved with the medical community and it was quite frustrating. With that said, I am excited that you are teaching doctors a new way to practice!!!”

The Empowered Health Revolution needs Healthcare Heroes.

Are you a Healthcare Hero?

If so, it’s time to get to work to put Health back into Healthcare.