The Thriving Practice: Merging Your Brick & Mortar Practice with Today’s Patient Driven Digital Economy

Part I: Mission Based Marketing

For as long as I can remember I’ve been telling myself that I don’t like marketing.

But what I’m beginning to realize is that I just can’t stand that forced, in your face, hard sell. That’s all about making a sale and has very little to do with being of service.

The type of marketing and sales tactics that cultivates scarcity and tried to create some kind of ‘guru’ status for the owner.

But now, as I’m beginning to see this shift in the economy, and in healthcare specifically, I’m beginning to get really excited!

You see the whole economy is moving away from the sleazy sales tactics toward the stuff that matters to you and me. The real stuff.

I call it ‘Mission Based Marketing’ – the ultimate healthcare marketing strategy.

It’s all about how to serve your people from a place of generosity, from a deep place of caring and longing to make a difference in peoples’ lives and the world.

Where you cultivate a message that is so purely you, that it might bring tears to your eyes when you realize that being your most authentic self, will also be your most powerful marketing.

When you combine the magic of your unique brilliance with the stuff you’re absolutely on fire about, you’ll have materialized your legacy work.

Now the really cool thing, and maybe even surprising, is that this is what your people want from you more than anything. This offering of your heart, expertise and leadership.

So, it turns out, that I actually LOVE marketing. As long as it’s about you, my clients, and not just about making me look cool. As long as it’s about making a real difference in this world and not just about making a buck.

This is the type of marketing that you and I were made for.

Part II: Simple Practice Systems

I love systems, structure & organization. I always have. Probably always will.

My clients…not so much!

They’re the creative type. Systems, structure and organization feels like being boxed in. It seems to require them to tame their creative, passionate spirit. The benefits of a having a business that runs like a well-oiled machine, never quite measured up to the fulfillment of living in the midst of flow, spontaneity and creativity.

I get it. Because up to this point most of the structure you’ve encountered has been forced upon you by a well-meaning consultant (or spouse) wanting you to emulate the systems, structure & organization that has worked wonders for them.

Let’s be honest, anytime you’re trying to be someone you’re not, you end up feeling as twisted up as a contortionist at Cirque Du Soleil. It just doesn’t work.

And if you’re constantly being pulled away from the work you’re most passionate about to tend to breakdowns, hassles or emergencies in your business, it’s no wonder you’re beginning to resent the business side of things. It’s become the necessary evil that you just can’t break free from.

But there is a different way.

I’ve built my life & business with freedom as the foundation. Surprisingly, what I’ve discovered is that structure = freedom.

When you create your systems, structure & organization to support your creative work flow – rather than trying to fit your creative work into some arbitrary structure – you’ll have more time, energy and resources available to do what you love most in your practice.

That’s the goal!

Part III: Delegation Made Easy

I’ve failed forward more with delegation than anything else in my business. It literally took me over a decade to find my way to becoming a stellar boss with an amazing team. But every growing pain, hair-pulling frustration and stab-me-in-the-eye-now feeling has been worth it!

Because nothing, absolutely nothing, frees you up more in your business than a team that got your back.

Since my journey has been so painstakingly slow, filled with some crazy curve balls, I’ve literally became a master by mapping out every step, tracking every nuance and figuring out the exact action to take to get the most out of your team – be it vendors, employees, associates, assistants, partners or virtual assistants – so you don’t have to.

The #1 reason you – and most every other small business owner for that matter – struggle with delegation is because you’re doing the steps out of order.  Imagine if you applied that same haphazardly approach to learning how to drive, throwing in the clutch at random, missing the break all together or forgetting to shift gears. It would result in a pretty bumpy ride. Not much different than your roller-coaster ride trying to find, keep and manage the right people for your business.

But just like you quickly became a pro at driving once you had an instructor by your side, learned the steps to take when driving, and you got just how FREEING it would be to have wheels! Mastering delegation with the right support and mindset will be a breeze. Pinky Swear.

How it works

You can pick one module at the time – Marketing, Systems or Team. Or you can do all three modules, one after the other, over one year. Each module is a 4-month commitment.

If you’re not sure where to start, take this simple quiz to assess which program would suit you best based on what stage your practice is in right now.

All three modules include group training, group coaching and one-on-one business coaching.

Each month is broken down by themed weeks:

Week 1: Mastery: Training

Week 2: Mastermind: Group Collaboration

Week 3: Mentorship: 1-on-1 Coaching

Week 4: Momentum: Implementation

Next step

1. Fill out a brief questionnaire about you & your practice.

2. Schedule a clarity call with me.

3. During the call, I’ll support you to get clear about what the single most important thing you need to work on right now to get the fastest results for your practice.

4. Once we know what that one thing is, and we’re still both excited about the possibility of working together, we talk shop. I’ll answer any questions you may have about the different modules and which one would be best suited for you.

This program is for

Doctors, Healers & Practitioners who…

=> feel inspired to be part of a global shift in healthcare.
=> want to empower your patients with your mission

=> dream of working less hours yet making more money.
=> know you need to make changes but you’re not sure where to begin.
=> want to bridge the gap between your physical brick & mortar practice with today’s patient driven digital economy.

=> are decisive, coachable & committed.
=> want things to be easier.
=> wish you had more time to play & just have fun without having to worry about your practice or finances.
=> have big, bold goals that you want help reaching.

=> want someone to guide you who understands holistic health, business fundamentals & the online, digital economy.

This program is NOT for

Doctors, Healers & Practitioners who don’t want to…

=> harness the digital world to grow their practice.
=> follow a proven system. You want to do ‘it’ your way.
=> take time or put in the energy to invest in your future success.
=> try new things. You want what’s familiar & comfortable.
=> listen to a brilliant & sometimes bossy lady (this one is especially for the guys!)

Just so you know…

I don’t try to talk clients into working with me. I trust you to make sound decisions. If you want to think about it, wait a few months, or it’s a ‘NO’ for you…that’s all good with me…as long as communication is upfront, honest & respectful.

If you say ‘YES’ we’ll get to work right away. We’ll move fast. My health business coaching agreements run in 4 month intervals. So be ready to invest time & energy to get things moving. Be willing to try new things & think outside of the box.


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