Holistic Doctors & Healers


Do you struggle to fill your new patient appointments?

Are you the best kept secret in your community?

Are you unsure what to do differently to get different results?


Healthcare is changing rapidly.

Health professionals need to change with it.

...or you will be left behind.

I teach Health Professionals of all kinds what it takes to thrive in today’s rapidly changing, patient driven, digital economy...be it marketing, systems or delegation.

With over 27 years in the holistic healthcare field I have an intimate understanding of the local, brick and mortar practice and its unique challenges.

With one foot in holistic healthcare and the other in entrepreneurship, I simplify the complexities and empower forward-thinking health professionals to reach their potential.

It’s not business as usual.

“The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. They have a mission.”
Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley CEO


No one knows systems like Madeleine!

She has a unique gift for helping businesses grow their profits by simplifying their procedures. She has the ability to look at a complex, overwhelming situation and turn it into an opportunity to grow. Many entrepreneurs are slaves to their business, but Madeleine has mastered how you can break free from that.

Dr. Mindy Pelz, DC
Dr. Mindy Pelz, DC
Chiropractor & Health Coach

More profit, more time and more ease…

There are so many wonderful things to say about what we are achieving with Madeleine. These are things we never would implemented on our own, but with her guidance we have great tangible results. We have cut our employees by 50% and employee payroll by 40% without loss of quality of service to patients.

Allen Dubner
Drs. Allen & Sharon Dubner, DC
Dubner Family Chiropractic Center