5 Things I’ve Learned From Running Facebook Ad Campaigns

You’ve heard the buzz around Facebook ad campaigns and you’re ready to get in on the action. So you ask around to find the best agencies to find someone who can help you get it all set-up funneling new patients into your practice on autopilot – because that’s how easy they all make it sound, right?

But that’s a lie.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about running Facebook ad campaigns that none of the agency experts would ever tell you about.

1 – Leads vs. New Patients

Getting a winning ad is a lot more difficult than the agencies selling the ad management services are letting on. Even the experts agree that it takes on average 3 months to test ads out to finally get one that sends you leads and then you still need to build the know, like and trust factor in order to turn those potential patients into paying patients.

Most of the time those leads lands on your email list. That means you need to have a strategy in place to bring those potential patients from your email list into your office which is easier said than done and often times can take months of constantly providing value and sharing your expertise over email to establish yourself as the go-to expert and create enough urgency for those potential patients to finally take action and schedule an appointment with you.

And in the end, only a small percentage of those leads will become patients. What they don’t tell you is that the industry standard is only around 3% will make the leap from lead to patient.

2 – Costs vs. Profits

And all the while you’re paying $1,500 per month on the low end for a decent agency to help you set-up and manage your Facebook ad campaigns and another minimum of $1,500 to pay for the ads themselves. For a whopping $3,000 per month for at least 3 months before you see a return on your investment.

And remember a winning ad as far as the agency is concerned is one that brings you leads, not necessarily paying patients. So ask yourself how many new patients would you need to make back the $9,000 investment? And don’t forget you’re still forking over $3,000 per month for the services and ads. That’s a minimum of $36,000 per year.

3 – Warm vs. Cold

I bet you have well-established procedures in place for handling new patients consults and report of findings. If you’ve been in practice for any length of time, you know what to say and how to handle your patients’ concerns once they’re in your office. You probably get a fair amount of new patient referrals as well. So when the ad agency ask you if you have a proven conversion system in place, you confidently say ‘Yes, I convert 80% of all new patients.’

But here’s the thing, your current conversion system works great for your in-office procedures, with people that already know you – or at least have met you – and your patient referrals. That’s what we call a warm audience. Those are the people that already know, like and trust you.

But the leads from ads are cold. Like Antartica in December. They only landed on your email list because you offered them an ethical bribe – a valuable freebie on an opt-in page. They don’t know you. They absolutely do not like you, because they don’t know you. And they’re a long way from trusting you. These leads are not going to respond well to your standard new patient procedures because most likely they’ll never schedule their first appointment because you don’t have a solid strategy to lead them into your office from your email list.

4 – Expert Status vs. Marketing Status

Many of the ad agency will build an online sales funnel for you and drive traffic from your ads to this funnel. It seems fancy. Like you finally will be able to have bragging rights about rocking it on the online platforms.

A well thought out online attraction funnel can do amazing things for your practice and help you establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. But that is not what the ad agency is promising or building for you. They’re simply looking for a way to capture as many email addresses as possible because that is their benchmark for running a successful ad campaign for you.

But today’s patients are tired of being sold to and bombarded with marketing messages every time they jump online. Aren’t we all? So throwing a quick lets-capture-email-addresses opt-in page will do little to attract new patients to your practice and may actually end up hurting your reputation.

5 – Done-For-You vs. Created-By-You

What’s so enticing about the Facebook ad campaigns is that it’s positioned as the ultimate solution for getting new patients in the door on autopilot without you having to do any of those dreaded marketing tactics you’ve been doing up until now to keep your practice afloat.

I get it. I used to hate marketing too. Especially the way the experts told me it had to be done. But then I discovered a totally new way, that feels authentic. It is all about generously sharing my expertise with the people I can help the most and now I absolutely love to connect with my potential clients in this organic and relationship building way. Because it doesn’t even look or feel anything like the marketing I used to do.

What I’ve learned is that the done-for-you strategies – where someone else is writing your ads and marketing copy for you – often times leave out the most important ingredient of all for long-term success – and that is You. You have a unique flavor, a unique gift, a unique way of communicating your value and delivering your services. This is your Attraction Mojo. Any done-for-you marketing funnels is completely void of your attraction mojo. Which is why you have to work so hard on the back end, once those email addresses have been captured to establish yourself as the expert that you are.

So what I’m really trying to tell you is that there are no shortcuts to growing your know, like and trust factor. Sure someone else can bring you those leads in form of email addresses and yes a tiny percentage will become new patients by default. But if you really want to recover your investment, establish yourself as the go-to expert and grow a long-term new patient attraction strategy – you have to invest the time and energy to build those relationships and infuse your unique factor into your messaging.

This is why I prefer growing a following of raving fans organically. While I’m growing my following, I’m infusing every step they take with me with my unique genius, leading them into my Healthcare Heroes Facebook community where there is instant social proof for my expertise and engaging with them in fun and innovative ways that inspire them to take action to work with me.

It’s not about online marketing, it’s about online community.

Then and only then, I run re-targeted Facebook ads to an audience that already know, like and trust me. And while cold traffic on average generates a 2-3% opt-in rate, my pages frequently have a 50% or above opt-in rate. Even my sales pages. Growing my business from $0 to 6-figures in just months.

It’s easy to waste time, energy and money on Facebook. We’ve all lost hours browsing our newsfeed at random. But once you have clear strategies for engaging with your audience, you can get these same results in just minutes per day.

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