Are you trying to find the right Facebook group to join to grow your Healthcare practice?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Wait, What Exactly are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups are communities created on Facebook by users around a common interest or goal that allow members to collaborate and communicate with ease.

The person who started the Facebook group is considered the Group Administrator and decides on the group privacy settings – which decides who sees the posts in the group – and creates the guidelines for how the members use the group.

Active participation in Facebook groups can easily position you as the go-to health expert in your city or town and help build relationships with potential patients, as well as, nurture the connection with your current and past patients.

Once you find the right Facebook groups to join in your local geographical area, networking with potential patients becomes as easy as logging into Facebook. Something you can do without ever leaving your home or office.

“Actively participating in Facebook groups
can easily establish you as the go-to health expert
in your community”

If you’re looking to connect with potential patients, get more new patients on the schedule, and create prosperous referral partnerships – it’s all happening inside Facebook groups.

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What Kind of Facebook Groups Should You Be Looking For?

You can join as many Facebook groups as you want, but it’s difficult to be an active member in more than 5-10 groups at the time.

You may want to join more groups so you can learn more about them before you narrow in on the top choices that you really want to focus on. I can promise you one thing, you’ll get better results from being consistently active in 5 groups than you would from being a member of 20-30 groups that you can’t keep up with.

There are 4 different types Facebook groups that I recommend that you join if you want to grow your healthcare practice:

  1. Groups where your local potential patients hang out.
  2. Groups where other holistic doctors, healers or practitioners hang out.
  3. Groups where other local business owners hang out.
  4. Groups that belong to influencers in your field and/or local community.

The first one is obvious. If you can find and join a Facebook group that has been specifically set up to attract your dream patients in your local community – you’ve hit the jackpot! But don’t try to promote yourself or your services right away or you may get banned from the group.

Instead show up generously sharing your expertise, answer questions and build relationships with the other members of the group.

Participating in groups where other holistic doctors, healers or practitioners hang out can help you grow your practice in several ways.

  1. You’re in the know of all the latest news in your field.
  2. You can ask questions about specific patient-related situations. So many health professionals are alone and isolated in their office. Being part of a vibrant group of like-minded healthcare providers provides support and community.
  3. You can get opportunities for referrals or vacation coverage.

Joining a Facebook group with local business owners with different backgrounds, experiences and from different industries can serve as a wonderful support and referral network as you grow your practice.

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How to Find the Right Facebook Group for You to Join

To find the right Facebook group to join, you can:

  • Ask your current patients which local Facebook groups they are members.
  • Ask other local business owners which Facebook groups they’ve found are great for networking within your community.
  • Use keyword search to find groups by interest, location or industry.For example, if you’re a functional medicine doctor that specializes in working with people who suffer from thyroid issues, you want to use keywords like ‘Thyroid support group’ or ‘Hashimoto’. You also want to search for groups in your local area if at all possible.

  • Some of the results appearing in your search will be pages, so you want to make sure it says ‘Public Group’ or ‘Closed Group.’
  • If you want to look up Facebook groups available in your local area click on the ‘groups’ from your left-hand sidebar on your Facebook home page.
  • Once there, click on ‘Discover’ on the top menu. And then on ‘local’ and all the groups available in your local area will appear.


  • You can also search the groups your friends are part of. If you’re friends with your current patients and potential patients it’s a great way to find out where they hang out.
  • Pay attention to the groups that Facebook is suggesting for you. Once you’ve joined several groups, Facebook will take note of your preferences and begin offering more groups that fit your criteria to join. You will see these suggestions in the right-hand sidebar on your Facebook home page.

You Found the Facebook Groups You Want to Join – Now What?

Before you join a group, make sure you read the description. Just because the name of the group sounds good, doesn’t mean that it’s the right group for you, or that you are qualified to join the group.

Once you’ve read through the description and guidelines for the group – click Join Group button. If the group is public, you will be able to join immediately. If the group is closed, you will need to wait until the administrator or another member approves your request.

Once you’re added to the group, take a moment to read the posts to learn more about the group members and the type of conversations people are having in the group.

If I have the time, I will read through the posts in the group timeline from the past couple of weeks. If I’m pressed for time, I will wait a couple of days and watch my notifications from the group and read new posts as they get added to learn how to group works.

I pay special close attention to:

  • Are members engaging in conversations
  • Are posts relevant and useful
  • Are there lots of posts selling something or without comments

If it’s not a vibrant and resourceful group, don’t stick around. It won’t help you grow your practice.

If You Cannot Find the Right Facebook Group to Join, Create Your Own

Maybe you’re in a small town, or you just can’t find a Facebook group in your local community that is ideal for your potential patients.

If so, don’t worry. You can create your own Facebook group and be the first to offer your dream patients an inspiring, engaging and empowering, online community.

Even if you found several Facebook groups to help you grow your practice, you can still create your own Facebook group. Nothing will position you on Facebook as the go-to health expert in your field as creating your own Facebook group.

Until next time, be a Healthcare Hero.

Madeleine Silva - Healthcare Hero

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