Every coaching package is customized based on:

  1. Your Goals.
  2. Your Budget.
  3. Your Time.
  4. Your Unique Strengths.

I assess and then give you my best recommendations over two calls, usually done over video conferencing.

The first call is a Clarity Call to get crystal clear on your goals and strengths.

The second call is an Action Call where I give you my best recommendations for the action you need to take to reach your goals.

In between the two calls I will be reviewing your questionnaire, my notes from our Clarity Call, your budget, the time you have available, your website, your social media accounts, your offers and your strengths to create a customized plan for you to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

Each call is about 30 minutes with 1-3 days in between.

You’ll be asked to watch a couple of videos, complete a questionnaire and take the High5Test personal strength assessment online.

I ask for a $47 deposit to hold your appointments. The deposit will be refunded to you after our Action Call.

You can schedule your Clarity and Action Calls HERE.