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What is The Go Expert! Community?

It’s a community of holistic doctors, healers, and practitioners of all kinds, from all over, who support, inspire and encourage each other to share their messages of health and hope in a more impactful way – so that together, we can change healthcare from the inside out!

This community was founded by Madeleine Silva who has over 26 years of healthcare business experience empowering health professionals to grow their practice, influence, and income without losing themselves, their family or joy. Now you can be one of them!

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Who Is Madeleine Silva?

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I got my start in entrepreneurship creating a store in a tent set up in my parents’ yard buying candy in bulk and reselling them to the neighborhood kids itemized.

Since then I spent my life dedicated to working in 6-and-7-figure healthcare practices. My last role was as a financial manager in a high-volume, 7-figure practice.

I have started 5 businesses from scratched on shoestring budgets and selling 2 for top dollars.

I began learning and implementing online business strategies in 2008. Successfully transitioning my last business from a local brick and mortar business with a local team and very high overhead to a virtual business with an outsourced team and a 65% profit margin, and an 8-hour work week.

I’m passionate about designing highly profitable businesses around my clients’ ideal lifestyle. Work less, play more, make lots of money, and an even bigger impact – That’s my motto.

Client Success Story

How Can You Benefit From Joining The Go Expert! Community?

  • You get private, one-on-one coaching with Madeleine Silva, so you can get customized solutions that work for your current situation.
  • Get instant access to digital training material that covers different aspects of growing your practice, influence, and income in the form of videos, PDF files, and done-for-you-templates.
  • Join the monthly live training calls or catch the recordings posted in the membership area.
  • Connect with like-minded brilliant minds and hearts to get support, encouragement, and celebration.

What You’ll Get When You Join!

Value Packed Content  Community   1-on-1 Coaching

Instant Access to
Value Packed Content
Exclusive Access to A Community
of Like-Minded Minds and Hearts
Private 1-on-1 Coaching
with Madeleine 

What Makes the Go Expert! Community Different From Other Healthcare Coaching Groups?

Unlike other healthcare coaching groups, you won’t have to conform to someone else’s style of doing things, in the Go Expert! Community diversity, weirdness and ‘woo’ is not only welcome, it’s celebrated.

You won’t have to purchase another program or product to get your questions answered. The training you need if you’re just starting out in practice or if you’re a seasoned veteran is all easily accessible on the community forum. Nor will you have to wait weeks, Madeleine takes great pride in leading this community and is active daily.

In today’s rapidly changing digital economy, online marketing and practice building strategies change constantly. Madeleine stays up to date with the latest and most effective digital tools and patient-driven strategies, not only by reading books, blogs, and case-studies but also by being part of several leading-edge communities and attending conventions. Everything she learns and uses in her own business she will share with you.

So if you would like to get personal coaching to improve your marketing skills and attract more of your dream patients, then joining the Go Expert! Community is definitely the best decision you can make right now!

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