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Tune in to learn about the Cultural Conversation that Wall Street Journal, the American Medical Association, and Annals of Family Medicine is having behind your back…that will drastically alter the future of Healthcare.

Don’t be left behind!

Hi, I’m Madeleine Silva. For those of you that don’t know me, I teach doctors, healers & practitioners how to thrive in today’s rapidly changing, patient-driven digital economy. Because it’s not business as usual!

Today I want to talk about the Empowered Health Revolution and let you know why You need to pay attention to it! Especially if you want to claim the title as a Healthcare Futurist.

Let me tell you the story of how I became a Healthcare Futurist myself

For the last three years, I’ve been masterminding with two brilliant entrepreneurs, one is Alex who is crushing it in eCommerce on Amazon and the other is Dr. Mindy who is rockin’ her practice in San Jose. We meet once a week and share our latest insights and ideas and on all things business.

We’ve been talking a LOT about the digital disruption of retail and how many retail stores are closing because of the ever-expanding online marketplace – with Amazon leading the way.

In one of those conversations, Dr. Mindy was thinking out loud and was loosely posing the curious question…

’I wonder what will happen to my brick & mortar practice in the future with the digital online world taking over?’

That question got stuck in my mind and I began searching for answers.

And this is what I found.

There are a surprising amount of research, articles, and books written about the digital disruption of healthcare.

It’s being written about in the Wall Street Journal, presented at TED talks, talked about at the American Medical Association, published by Annals of Family Medicine and I have a stack of books sitting on my desk written by some amazing Healthcare Futurists.

Everyone seems to agree that the digital disruption of healthcare is underway.

So, you may wonder what does digital disruption of healthcare look like?

Digitalization will change the most common healthcare processes because of technological advances.

In his book The Patient Will See You Now, Dr. Topol, a healthcare futurist pioneer, predicts that digitalization will make prescriptions and diagnostic testing obsolete because everyone is going to be able to monitor and prescribe from an app on their smartphone.

He even says that hospitals will be abolished because people will have everything they need in their homes.

We’ve seen how digital technology has wiped out whole industries and toppled over major household brands.

Like Canon going bankrupt shortly after Facebook acquired Instagram. Or how the record industry has faded away because of the digitalization of music. Or how cable TV is taking its last breath as consumers are switching to online streaming.

What makes digital technology so powerful is that:

  1. Once it takes off, it creates an exponential growth spurt.
  2. It makes stuff that used to be really expensive and exclusive, accessible and affordable to everyone.
  3. It’s powered by the people.

Just look at our smartphones – it carries the technology that just a few years ago would have cost millions of dollars and now everyone has one.

What digital disruptions really does is put the power in the hands of the people.

And this is happening in healthcare too.

The health information available to your patients in today’s rapidly changing digital world is unprecedented.

80% of patients are researching online long before they ever put a foot in a provider’s office.

Information that used to only be available to doctors and professionals are now available to everyone with just a few clicks on their phones.

Armed with information and resources, patients are demanding a different kind of relationship with their healthcare providers than what we’ve seen in the past.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of patients showing up in your office with a file folder full of articles they’ve found online or with a long list of questions to ask you based on what they’ve read online.

Patients are no longer willing to blindly follow your advice.

With the onslaught of paid, and often manipulative, marketing online – everything from pop-up ads to Facebook ads – patients are becoming increasingly more skeptical and turned off by sales tactics that used to work.

If you’re using click funnels, Facebook ads or other paid online marketing strategies as your main source to reach potential patients, you’ll begin to slowly fade away, much like cable tv.

Because Sales Based Marketing will no longer work. Because what patient wants from healthcare providers is rapidly changing.

Patients want a provider that empowers them, not sell to them.

Patients want you to become a Healthcare Futurist. Since I’ve started to talk about the Empowered Health Revolution and how I’m on a mission to empower healthcare providers to become the leaders, aka Healthcare Heroes, of the Empowered Health Revolution, something really unexpected has happened.

Patients have begun to send me messages thanking me for the work I do with providers. Wild right?

Just this week I got this message:

“The last two years I have been involved with the medical community and it was quite frustrating. With that said, I am excited that you are teaching doctors a new way to practice!!!”

And another patient who has lived through her own empowered patient journey sent me this book she’s written to help empower other patients – ‘Empowered Health & Wellness: Awakening Your Inner Physician’

And it turns out that my web designer, another patient, is writing a book about how to be an empowered patient. She’s interviewing healthcare providers to help bridge the gap between patients and health professionals.

I had no idea when I first started researching that I would literally stumble across a revolution.

But right now the Empowered Health Revolution is a revolution without leaders.

Because even though there are lots of articles and research being done on how digitalization is disrupting healthcare and how the doctor-patient relationship is being altered, very little, if anything at all, is being done to usher healthcare into the demands of today’s rapidly changing, patient-driven, digital economy.

So it’s up to us, to become the Healthcare Heroes.

A Healthcare Hero is a doctor, healer or practitioner who…

  1. Empowers patients with knowledge & resources
  2. Shares their expertise generously…for free
  3. Partners with their patients to help them find the best path for them
  4. Broadcasts their Genius online through Mission Based Marketing

Because if you’re not reaching out to patients online in a way that builds trust and cultivates a genuine relationship that benefits the patients then you won’t be able to influence the future of healthcare.

And that’s possibly the most exciting part of all of this.

We’re finally at a tipping point when we can create real change in healthcare.

If you want to join other Healthcare Heroes on a mission to put Health back into Healthcare, then join me and an exclusive group of forward-thinking health professionals. Find out more HERE. 

Until next time, be a Healthcare Hero!


Madeleine Silva - Healthcare Hero

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