“80% of adults in the US now research online
before they seek out a health care provider”


Healthcare is changing rapidly…

As more and more of our services become digitalized, the trend is decreasing patient visits and many healthcare professionals are uncertain how to be successful in this new digital world.

They are feeling the pinch.

For some, technology is a constant challenge, but they are too busy in the day to day business to learn. They want to expand but don’t know how. They want to contribute to a greater community but don’t have the support they need to upskill. Many health professionals blame themselves for not being successful enough.

The truth is that healthcare is changing because patients are changing.

Patients in 2018 are invested in understanding their health. They are informed, curious and often know more about what’s going on with their health than the doctor… especially in a traditional medical setting.

Fortunately this change presents a huge opportunity for alternative healthcare providers, and Madeleine Silva has the foresight and know-how to show the way.

“The future of alternative health care is here,
and Madeleine Silva is leading the revolution.”

Madeleine specializes in helping holistic doctors, healers and practitioners bridge the gap between their brick and mortar practice and today’s rapidly changing, patient driven digital technology. She is the ultimate healthcare speaker, educating and inspiring health professionals of all kinds to embrace and grow with the inevitable digitilization of healthcare.

She predicted the paradigm shift and has given it a name:

The Empowered Health Revolution

The philosophy is simple…

Health professionals focus on empowering patients and develop communities by generously sharing their expertise. It’s about becoming a trusted adviser rather than the all-knowing-doctor and providing guidance and leadership in the continuing conversation.

These forward thinking practitioners create hyper-efficient practices with low overheads and top-talent, trading 5-star service for 5-star reviews.

In the Empowered Health Revolution, patients are interested, informed and are taking responsibility for their health. This gives healthcare professionals an exciting opportunity to take a leadership role in this global transformation.

Healthcare Speaker


“Madeleine’s Talks are Essential for every Health Professional who Wants to Succeed”


As a healthcare speaker Madeleine is a powerhouse who draws on more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry and over fifteen years of experience as a masterful practice consultant.

Her talks are a beacon of hope for holistic doctors, healers and practitioners, offering exciting-yet-achievable practice building solutions. Audiences walk away empowered to take action with a new model for sharing their message of health and healing.

“Madeleine has mastered the balance of having a physical business in a digital world and navigating the unique challenges that health professionals face.”

As a serial entrepreneur with one foot in the world of healthcare and one in the world of business, Madeleine has a unique perspective. She knows all too well the overhead burdens that health professionals carry.

The Empowered Health Revolution model was created through necessity when Madeleine needed to transform her own business. Within months she went from working 60+ hours per week to 8 hours per week, while growing her profit margin by 65%.

This modern business strategy focuses on community building marketing, streamlined systems and smart delegation of tasks and Madeleine has used it to coach hundreds of health practitioners to achieve work balance, engaged communities and increased profitability – year on year.

Healthcare Speakers

Book Madeleine to Speak at Your Next Event

If your audience consists of healthcare professionals, Madeleine Silva will deliver an unforgettable presentation that will leave your participants inspired and empowered. She lifts participants to new heights whilst offering genuinely practical steps that make it all eminently possible.

With her disarming and often hilarious tone, Madeleine teaches how to use digital technology to increase community connection and broaden your reach and impact. To embrace rather than fear the change.

“Mind Blowing. Inspiring. Fun. Practical. Fabulous.”

(Donna Edward, Participant)

Madeleine  is no stranger to the podium having delivered dozens of well received talks to health professionals including events such as; the California Chiropractic Association Convention, the League of Chiropractic Women in Europe as well as in the United States, at the Practice Made Perfect Relicensing Seminar and the Life Chiropractic College West Science, Philosophy and Art Day.

Healthcare Topics Include:

Health Industry Speaker

Welcome to The Era of the Empowered Patient

The health information available to your patients in today’s rapidly changing digital world will set up a tectonic (or ‘tech-tonic’) power shift, putting the patient at center stage, radically altering the doctor – patient relationship.

Health Industry Speaker

How Digitalization Is Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

Technology is disrupting traditional healthcare processes, and they’re never going back. This disruption is filled with opportunity for forward-thinking health professionals.


Health Industry Speaker

How to Position Your Practice to Thrive In Today’s Rapidly Changing, Patient Driven Digital Economy

The secret to positively impacting the lives of millions of people is understanding and internalizing the growth cycle of digital technologies while creating high-touch, 5-star experiences for your patients.


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