Hello and welcome. I’m Madeline Silva. And for those of you who don’t know me, I teach healthcare professionals how to thrive in today’s rapidly changing digital economy. Because it’s not business as usual.

Today I’ll share with you a proven healthcare marketing strategy that will skyrocket your patient referrals and make it easier for you to convert new patients.

Most health care providers that I know only have the last item of the Empowered Patient Journey in place. The other four steps are missing entirely. This is the real reason you may struggle converting patient referrals to paying customers.

In today’s rapidly changing patient-driven economy it is more important than ever that you have a defined patient journey that builds trust.

With all the false promises, gimmicks, hype and manipulation being passed off as marketing, patients are more skeptical than ever before. You have to prove yourself trustworthy before potential patients are ready to take the next step with you. The courting period has not just doubled or tripled in length, but how it’s done, has also completely changed.

Powerful technology that was once only available to huge organizations and governments are now affordable and accessible to everyone on their smartphones.

The health information available to your patients in today’s rapidly changing digital world is creating a tectonic (or tech-tonic) power shift, putting the patient center stage.

What has been dubbed the six most powerful words of the English language, ‘The Doctor will see you now,’ are no longer true.

Sure, patients are still seeking out healthcare providers, but how and what they’re seeking have been radically changed.

Forward-thinking healthcare providers are scrambling to catch up.

The secret to receiving patient referrals from your community is bridging the gap between your brick and mortar practice and today’s patient-driven digital revolution.

And this is how you do just that!

1. Get clear on what Your Unique Genius is so that you can set yourself apart from the dentist, chiropractor, naturopath, pediatrician, neurologist or any other healer down the street.

I did a video on this just last week – go check it out! In the video, I’ll guide you through a series of questions to help you discover what lights you up.

The more defined Your Unique Genius is, the better results you’ll get and the more patient referrals you’ll generate.

2. Broadcast Your Genius from your Facebook business or public profile page utilizing Facebook Live Video.

When you post a beautiful picture, share an inspirational quote or a TED talk on your Facebook business page only a fraction (2-10%) of all your fans see your post.

This is because Facebook algorithm limits your reach so that you’ll spend your marketing dollars reaching more people through Facebook ads or post boosting.

But since Facebook is in fierce competition with YouTube on who is going to win the video war, Facebook rewards you for utilizing their live video platform by making sure that every single one of your fans from your page not only see your video in their newsfeed but they also get a notification that you’re on live video. Use this to your advantage.

3. Build Community by creating a private Facebook group for your current, past and potential patient referrals.

Historically healthcare providers have only shown up in all their brilliance in their practice with their patients. Most of you are the best-kept secret in your city or town. Isn’t time that people found out about the miracles that happen in your office?

Use your Facebook group to empower people by sharing your expertise and profound knowledge about health and healing.

Share your Facebook Live videos from your business or public profile page in your Facebook group.

4. Create a 5-Day Challenge aligned with Your Unique Genius.

Invite people in your practice and community to join your Facebook group to be part of the challenge.

Lead your group through a step-by-step process and give them a real, live experience of what it’s like to be supported by you.

These four first steps accomplish several things:
a) Positions you as a leader in your community
b) Let’s people know you’re an expert in your field
c) Builds trust with potential patients and patient referrals
d) Gives people an opportunity to get to know you
e) Aligns people with your message

Now they’re ready to spend their hard-earned dollars with you. But start small.

5. Make an offer that your potential patients can say YES to without hesitation.

Here are some examples of what to offer:
a) Live presentation or training
b) Online webinar or training c) Lab work or another diagnostic testing
d) Free consultation in your office
e) Supplements or other products
f) Group online course
g) Series of talks in your office

Because once people spend a little with you, they’re much more likely to spend a lot.

6. This one is easy! Offer your regular care package or program.

7. Support your patients to become lifetime patients by giving them a fantastic value to keep growing and healing with you for years to come.

Many healthcare providers make the mistake of calling this offer their maintenance care package. But no one wants to maintain their health.

Your patients are looking to rock their health and keep bringing it to new heights.

Keep educating them, sharing your best gems in your Facebook group, and engaging with them online to keep them in your circle of influence.

Until next time, be a Healthcare Hero!


Madeleine Silva - Healthcare Hero

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